Apollo Services

Apollo Provide many of services that fits our clients expectations, which is

  1. Hair Replacement
    • Mega Booster deep cleaning of skull to get rid of fat deposits.
    • Apollo programs to get rid of dandruff.
    • Intensive care programs for hair loss treatment.
  2. Hair transplant
    • A Special programs for the transplant of hair (partially or totally).

Apollo programs duration ranges between 6 and 12 sessions depending on the situation. The first stage begins with free of charge consultation provided by Apollo to its customers, then determining the problem, the proposed programs and the number of sessions.

Such programs are often accompanied by steps for home care given to client after receiving the necessary steps, tips and instructions. Apollo ensures clients complete confidentiality, guaranteed results and the best technique to attain the best results.

Apollo Hair Replacement

In the world of hair replacement, companies come and go, and promises are made and never kept. That's why Apollo is unique. For over 43 years, Apollo still leads the hair replacement industry to date with product development, service and the highest quality products. Chances are, if you're looking into another hair replacement company, they're utilizing the technology that Apollo developed years ago and we have the patents to prove it. Simply put, our research and development team has made Apollo the most advanced international hair Restoration Company in the world.

Apollo Hair Loss Treatment

Restore your hair and regain your self-confidence at Apollo. If you have just started experiencing the effects of hair loss, have lost a majority of your hair, or want to make the hair you have thicker and healthier, Apollo offers innovative solutions that can give you natural-looking results you'll love.