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Abhyangam Massage session for complete relaxation and fatigue resistence
Udwartana Special oils and herbal powders to massage the skin, stimulate blood circulation and get rid of the fats
Pidichizil Massage with warm oil poured on the body to strengthen muscles, stimulate blood circulation and increase bone density
Podichizil Special massage with herbal powders for getting rid of pains, increasing body flexibility and imparting the feeling of agility and comfort
Navara kizhi A massage for rejuvenation, vitality and get rid of cramps and improve skin structure
Shirodhara A body relaxation session conducyed by pouring warm oil over the head to get rid of stress and insomnia
Milk Bath Milk bath conducted to improve the skin appearance and softness
Netra Dhara Special session for eye relief , alleviate dark circles, burns and tissue around the eye
Netra Tarpanam Special session for eye care , alleviate dark circles, burns and tissue around the eye
Vasti Sessions to get rid of stressand fatigue as well as back pain and knee relief, strengthening tissues and muscles
Bashpaswedam Wonderful steam bath for resistence of fluid retention and disposal of skin impurities
Nasyam Unique session to relieve sinus pain and improve memory and sleeping
Twak Shodanam Skin peeling with herbs and natural oils to get rid of the dead cells and stimulate blood circulation
Pichu A special session to relieve the pain of the body with the Kairali's way for body coverage and wrapping