MyGym Programs

The philosophy that guides My Gym's programs and breakdown of classes has been developed through intensive physiological and sociological research, along with decades of hands-on experience by hundreds of My Gym, child and fitness experts.

Our carefully constructed programs are constantly analyzed and adjusted according to up-to-the-minute advances in medical and psychological research. My Gym's main objectives are to ensure that program ingredients are safe, age-appropriate and optimal for building self-esteem.


Tiny Tykes / Parents Participation

Age: 7 - 13 Months

As the babies gain hand, arm and trunk control and become mobile, we introduce new and stimulating activities.

Waddlers / Parents Participation

Age: 14 - 22 Months

This stimulating 1-hour program introduces balancing, tumbling, hanging and agility skills.

Little Bundles / Parents Participation

Age: 6 weeks - 6 months

Our youngest My Gym students begin their first visual, audial and spatial exploration as our precious Little Bundles.

Gymsters / Parents Participation

Age: 23 Months - 2 ½ years

This is the earliest age group with which we work on fine and gross manipulative in a structured format.

Terrific Tots / Independent

Age: 2½ - 3¼ years

Terrific Tots learn beginning sports skills, gain fine and gross motor proficiency, and strengthen manipulative skills.

Mighty Mites / Independent

Age: 3¼ - 4½ years

Mighty Mites are lavished with positive reinforcement for self-reliance and following directions.

Whiz Kids / Independent

Age: 4½ - 6 years

Designed to prepare a child for group sports and instill a sense of confidence in connection with physical activity.

Champions / Independent

Age: 6 - 8 years

The Champions program is fast-paced and completely structured with organized ingredients throughout the hour.

Cardio Kids / Independent

Age: 7 - 13 years

All children, regardless of their athletic abilities, will benefit greatly from My Gym's Cardio Kids program.

My Gym Art / Independent

Age: 3 - 8 years

My Gym's Learn, Create and Explore program is the perfect class for children who love art.

Karate/Martial Arts

My Gym Karate incorporates all the protocol and discipline of a more traditional martial arts studio.